About Us

Engineers - Planners - Surveyors

Steger Bizzell Engineering

Founded in Georgetown by Charlie Steger and Don Bizzell in 1972, Steger Bizzell is a multi-disciplined civil engineering firm. Our firm employs licensed professionals with backgrounds in civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and land surveying. As a leader in civil engineering in Central Texas, Steger Bizzell has performed more than 22,000 projects for our governmental and private clients. Our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines including hydraulic and hydro-logic analysis, floodplain mapping, transportation, water & wastewater utilities, planning and site design and surveying.

Our Experience

Steger Bizzell has decades of experience in engineering, planning, and design. We have a proven track record of on-time and within-budget projects.

We work closely with clients to design solutions that meet their needs and fit their budgets. Our expertise range from financial analyses, utility rate studies and capital improvement programs to GIS mapping systems, hydraulic modeling, water and wastewater utilities, road and bridge design, land development and land surveying.

Guiding Principles

We will be honest and forthright in all endeavors.
We will create straightforward, economical solutions to problems.
We will use the latest proven technologies.
We will keep clients informed during all phases of projects.


From pedestrian elements to multi-lane highway intersections, our team provides cost-effective transportation designs that accommodate growth.

Whether a project involves commercial or residential development, our experienced land planning and design staff works to deliver creative solutions that satisfy project constraints and requirements.

We deliver clear, cost-effective designs for projects involving the construction of water treatment plants, transmission and distribution lines, pump stations and storage facilities.

From school districts and Certificate of Convenience and Necessity districts to large cities, Steger Bizzell brings decades of experience to helping public and semi-public entities plan and navigate through the growing pains and demands that these taxing authorities face each day. 

Steger Bizzell employs the latest technology to provide clients with the most accurate and cost-effective solutions.  From our field techs to our in-house staff, our qualified team is equipped and trained to meet your demands.

The Geographic Information Services (GIS) division offers technological solutions that match the specific needs of our clients. We understand that there are multiple solutions to every situation, which is why we specialize in a range of services for both public and private sector clients.